IT Edge Security Solutions

Charleston VoIP Networks prioritizes comprehensive IT edge security solutions to ensure our clients' peace of mind and protection. From client device anti-virus software safeguarding against online threats to state-of-the-art facility security cameras monitoring premises and deterring unauthorized access, we implement robust measures to safeguard digital and physical assets alike. Additionally, our facility entrance paging and intercom systems provide an extra layer of security by enabling seamless communication and control over entry points, enhancing overall security posture and promoting a safe environment for businesses and employees.

Charleston VoIP Networks is a proud partner of Sophos, ReoLink, and Grandstream

Illustration of a modern security monitoring environment with digital and physical security elements, including anti-virus software logos on computer screens and security cameras with an intercom system. A shield symbolizes overall security protection in a blue and gray-toned background
Sophos Intercept X Anti-Virus Solutions Logo

Sophos Intercept X Anti-Virus Soltuions

Soho's Intercept X Anti-virus is a robust cybersecurity solution engineered to safeguard businesses against the ever-evolving threat landscape. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies and real-time threat intelligence, Intercept X offers proactive protection against a wide range of cyber threats, including malware, ransomware, and zero-day attacks. Its advanced features, such as behavior monitoring and exploit detection, empower organizations to detect and mitigate threats before they can cause harm. With Intercept X Anti-virus, businesses can enjoy peace of mind knowing their endpoints are protected by industry-leading security measures, ensuring continuous operation and data integrity.

Enhancing Security with ReoLink Surveillance Cameras

ReoLink security cameras offer state-of-the-art surveillance solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses and homeowners alike. With advanced features such as high-definition video recording, motion detection, night vision, and remote access via mobile devices, ReoLink cameras provide round-the-clock monitoring and peace of mind. Whether safeguarding residential properties, monitoring office premises, or enhancing retail security, ReoLink cameras offer reliable performance and easy installation, ensuring comprehensive surveillance and protection at all times.
ReoLink security cameras provide comprehensive surveillance and protection for enhanced security measures.
Grandstream Facility Management: Enhancing Security with Comprehensive Solutions

Enhancing Security with Grandstream Facility Access Products

Grandstream offers a comprehensive range of facility access products designed to enhance security and streamline access control processes. From IP-based door entry systems to RFID card readers and video intercoms, Grandstream solutions provide robust access control tailored to various environments. These products integrate seamlessly with existing security systems, offering features such as remote access control, event logging, and real-time monitoring. With Grandstream Facility Access products, businesses can ensure secure and efficient management of entry points, safeguarding premises and assets effectively.

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